Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ella: A Big Birthday (Grand Rapids Children's Photography)

January 21, 2018

This absolutely adorable little sweetie was lots of fun to meet and photograph. I feel especially excited to work with her and her parents for her birthday because while her mom, Sam, was pregnant, so was I. Our due dates were only a day apart. And thanks to social media, we realized we were delivering on the same day (a week early). My daughter made it out a few hours before little Ella, but they share the same birthday now.

Ella is such a pretty little girl. Her hair is so pretty and such a lovely blonde. She was a great sport and though she didn't eat a bit of her cake, she still cooperated by smashing and smushing it for us. It was great to see Frank and Sam again, so thanks for bringing them to visit me for your birthday, Ella!

^She's adorable!!!!

^Up close and personal!

^A couple favorites of mine.

^She gave me this "why are we doing this?" face so many time! Ha!

^What's this?

^Are you guys SURE you want me to do this?

^Seriously, she didn't eat one bite of it!

^Sharing ;)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wedding Photography: The Bloom Workshop Styled Shoot - Blush (Michigan Wedding Photographer)

September 2017

It's always fun to do a bride and bridesmaid shoot so this last vignette from the workshop I did this past summer was perfect! The colors of the table setting and the styling of the models was all vintage chic and full of beautiful blushes. The flowers were gorgeous, and even though the cake wasn't holding up well in the heat, it still looked lovely. The bride was beautiful and I was able to get a little bit of one-on-one posing time with her before everyone else came over. AND I did some designing on the invitation suite as well. I'm getting the hang of it ;)

 It was a pleasure getting to work with the various vendors and models throughout this shoot, and meet a couple other photographers from the area. What a great event this was! And I got a quick wedding fix in the middle of the winter, which doesn't happen often!

Florals: Spring Sweet, Invitation Suite: Simply Jessica Marie , Table and Linen rentals: West Michigan Rental Company, Tabletop and Glassware: Gigi & LaClede, Venue: Greencrest Manor, Ribbon for styling: Adorn Company, Ring Box: The Mrs. Box (square) Amonie (round), Bridal Ring: Susie Saltzman, Bridal Gown and Jewelry: Spring Sweet, Cakes & Desserts: Flour & Fig, Gray Sofa: Emerald & Crane, Hair & Makeup: Sarah Boucher,  Workshop: The Bloom Workshop

^Perfect backdrop. 

^Such a pretty table setting.

^All you need is your girls.

^LOVE those flowers!

^Can you see the lean? The sun was too much for it! 

^Our lovely bride.

^That dress is gorgeous!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wedding Photography: The Bloom Workshop Styled Shoot - Brights (Michigan Wedding Photographer)

September 2017

This vignette from the wedding workshop I participated in was probably my favorite. Orange and blue aren't colors that you would typically see together but it goes to show that it's all about the execution. The bride and groom models were younger and a little more nervous in front of the camera but they looked absolutely gorgeous so we made it work. I loved the less polished look and the big, fun and overflowing bouquet. Also, the table set up was so much fun. The candles had been lit for awhile and the wax was trying to blow away but it created a pretty cool effect.

I borrowed the "groom" while everyone else was fawning over the bride and got a few of him. We got to use a couple different locations in the area for photos and I love how they turned out!

Florals: The Days Design, Invitation Suite: Silver Fox Calligraphy, Linen: West Michigan Rental Company, Venue: Greencrest, Ribbon for styling: Adorn Company, Ring Box: The Mrs. Box (square) Amonie (round), Bridal Ring: Susie Saltzman, Bridal Gown and Jewelry: Spring Sweet, Cakes & Desserts: Coco Renee Specialty Baking, Chairs: Burns Rentals, Hair & Makeup: Sarah Boucher, Workshop: The Bloom Workshop

^Loving the orange!
^Such a perfect spot for a perfect set up.


^Blackberries :)

^Young and fun.

^Those little details.

^Berry colored lips worked well with this vignette.

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