Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Sophia: 7 months old (Grand Rapids Childrens Photographer)

March 22, 2013

Little Sophia was nothing but smiles last week when she came to visit me in the studio. In the past, she was not a big fan of having her photos done, but this time, she was having a great time. When Kylie got her in the studio, she told me Sophia hadn't taken a nap all day so I was a little worried but she was just as thrilled as can be to be showing off for the camera. She even let me hold her and play with her in between some of the shots. Such a sweetie! Thanks Sophia!

^Here cute little spring dress. I love it!

^Haha, adorable!

^What a cute little model!

^At least she looks happy this time she wants to fight  (see the 6th photo from her last session for her 'fight me' shot :)

^Me 'n' Mama.

^Such a happy girl today!

^She really liked the fuzzy rug.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mister Mason: 7 months old (Grand Rapids Childrens Photographer)

March 22, 2013

This little man is one of my little cutie's that I can kind of claim as sort of my own... yeah, just sort of, but his mom and dad are one of my first wedding clients AND I'm "marrying into the family". Mike's best man in our wedding, his best friend, Jason, is little Mason's dad. I love visiting Mason and his big brother, Logan, as well as mom, Erika, whenever Mike and I got over to their house. Mason loves to snuggle and I'm always obliged to do just that with him on our visits. He's my little "boyfriend"!

He was such a good little guy for our photo session! He's such a BIG boy! And so sweet and smiley too. He even did a little standing up all by himself (however Mom had to be ready to catch him when he finally tipped over!). He let us put him in all sorts of places and outfits, and really didn't get too mad at us until we were just about done. Thanks Mason!

^Look at that face! Isn't he so adorable!?!?

^He's so happy to be scooting!

^He loves his Mama.

^My absolute FAVORITE shot from our session. He looks so innocent... or scheming... :-)

^Wearing his overalls, just like his Grandpa.

^Standing up all on his own!

^Playing with his mirror-friend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tim & Crista: Engaged (Holland Wedding Photographer)

March 24, 2013

It's finally spring. Although the sun was out, it sure didn't feel like it. But I had a blast getting to work with Tim and Crista for the first time. Crista is a girl after my own heart. She got on the planning train immediately after Tim proposed and is whipping through all things wedding lately, which, from one planner to another, is very impressive! These two are a very cute couple and so excited to be marrying one another. Even with the cold and the wind that followed us around downtown Holland, we had a great time.

The first few photos we took during their session were some of the coolest (way to go, Crista) but I can't show them off just yet because they are going to be Save the Dates. Once Crista gets those out... I'll share ;) For now, enjoy all the other great shots of this cute couple!

^Crista rocks the foot pop ;)

^I think he likes her!

^Found this cool spot I haven't been to for a few years. Love it!

^LOVE Crista's sassy face!

^Scrabble fans in L-O-V-E.

^Engagement sessions are not complete without a middle-of-the-street kiss photo!

^Love this one.

^Such a cute pair.

^Keep an eye out for these two again in October!

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