Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Top 100 of 2014

December 15 , 2014

Finishing the year up early gave me time to work on my favorites for this year a little early! While I wait patiently (yeah, right!) for my daughter to make her appearance, I had time to compile all of my very favorite images, as I do every year. It's always so hard to narrow the line-up down. I had well over 200 images on the original list, so now you can check out the ones that made the final cut. Will any of YOUR favorites be at the top? Find out now!

100. My amazing friend, Angie, and her husband, Josh, at their maternity shoot.

99. Between the trees looking onto beautiful Lake Michigan, from Mackinaw Island.

98. D'Niya posing for her senior portraits.

97. Addyson is feeling super!

96. Nate, ready to marry the love of his life in the U.P.

95. A big city engagement for Thom and Amanda.

94. Mike smooches Ashley... I just love her reaction.

93. Beautiful blonde baby Ellie!

92. Erin and Brandon really enjoying their engagement session.

91. Navy blue wedding cake ribbon.

90. Megan straps on her pretty heels for her wedding day.

89. Thom and Amanda's colorful wedding party.

88. Pretty little Allison, feeling snuggly.

87. Aubrey wanted nothing to do with her 1 year birthday cake!

86. Alicia and Bill looking good for their engagement session.

85. Will and Michelle stay inside for a few wedding photos.

84. Lauren looking gorgeous with her dress on.

83. Little Bradley working with Daddy's big tools.

82. Sean and his awesome group of groomsmen.

81. D'Niya works it for her senior session.

80. Pretty little Sophia says "Happy Valentine's Day!"

79. Wedding day smooch for Kyle and Lauren.

78. Love their looks here (Lauren and Kyle again!).

77. Enjoying Chicago.

76. John and Megan are married!

75. Amanda's mom puts on her classy necklace.
74. The Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island.

73. A beautiful country centerpiece at one of my second shooting jobs.

72. Dandelion fluff and Kristin's baby belly.

71. Mike and Ashley's first dance.
70. Pour the champagne!

69. Lauren looks radiant as she puts on her wedding dress.

68. Lovely bride, Laura, smiling big during her portrait session.

67. Tori and Jason have a moment walking back down the aisle.

66. Gorgeous Henderson Castle behind Thom and Amanda's wedding party.

65. Streamer salute for Lauren and Kyle.

64. Sean and Amber's reception kiss.

63. Baby Jameson with Mom and Dad.

62. Thom and Amanda make a gorgeous pair.

61. Phil and Heather on top of a Holland sand dune.

60. Alicia and Bill on their wedding day.

59. Erin and Brandon's engagement session... perfect!

58. Laura and Taylor's rings with her vibrant bouquet.

57. Zack, Lauren, and Addyson are a happy little family.

56. Glitz and glamour for our styled shoot.

55. Silhouette smooch for Thom and Amanda.

54. Jared and Justine on the swings.

53. Tori giggling with her bridesmaids.

52. Beautiful Carrie in her styled winter wedding shoot.

51. Big kisses for Jessica and Kevin.

50.Tori and Jason starting out their engagement session.

49. Bradley looking festive for Christmas/birthday photos.

48. Flowers at Dan and Ashley's wedding.

47. Big kiss for Andy and Kristin before baby arrives.

46. Candid moment with the ring bearers in Sean and Amber's wedding.

45. Amanda's gorgeous bouquet.

44. Radine's boudoir session.

43. Old architecture in downtown Chicago.

42. A spring backdrop for Nate and Kalynn's wedding.

41. Jordan is ready to travel.

40. Beautiful Sarah on her wedding day (second shooting).

39. John and Megan hold hands.

38. Gorgeous flowers on a warm spring day in Chicago.

37. Kristin in a field of dandelions with baby.

36. Kai is feeling sharky.

35.Adam and Lauren under a gorgeous willow tree.

34. Thom and Amanda in Chicago.

33. Angie and Josh loving little Ellie.

32. Justine admires her beautiful self at the salon before her wedding.

31. Beautiful bouquet for a styled shoot created by Events by Ludemas.

30. Gorgeous roses.

29. Amanda silhouetted at Henderson Castle.

28. Heather and Phil in the sea grass for their engagement session.

27. White picket fences in Jason and Tori's future.

26. Lauren and Kyle framed with the Gulf of Mexico in Florida for their engagement session.

25. Pretty little Olivia is a classy lady already.

24. Flowers from Kyle to Lauren.

23. Wedding day photos at the Capitol for Bill and Alicia.

22. Vines in Chicago with Thom and Amanda.

21. Wedding close up of Taylor and Laura.

20. Sean and Amber's perfect ceremony setting.

19. Awesome smooch shot with Bill and Alicia.

18. A sparkler exit for Jared and Justine.

17. Adam is enjoying his engagement session with Lauren.

16. Adam kisses his new wife, Lauren.

15. Sunlight through the tree at Sean and Amber's wedding.

14. Beautiful flower girl pomander by Country Flowers and More for Will and Michelle's wedding.

13. Jocelyn is young but knows how to work a camera!

12. Sparkling finish to our style shoot.

11. Molly on her wedding day (second shooting).

10. Lauren is an absolutely gorgeous bride.

9. Ellie being perfect.

8. Jameson and Mommy.

7. Erin and Brandon in a perfect setting.

6. A perfect veil-blowing breeze for Laura on her wedding day.

5. Perfectly placed heart tattoo.

4. Megan and John in a gorgeous setting.

3. Allison has a happy stretch for us.

2. Perfectly coordinated Thom and Amanda.

1. Karie's awesome styled look.
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