Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Poll Family (Grand Rapids Family Photographer)

November 11, 2012

It was a nice relaxing sessions with Megan and her family. She's got two beautiful children, and they all seem like such awesome people! I am so glad her friend Bonnie found me and sent them my way! Little Reagan is adorable, sweet, and likes to chew on her hands when you are trying to photograph her! ;) And I absolutely loved little Brendon. He was a little rambunctious, but honestly, show me a little boy who DOESN'T get excited when they come to my studio! He had the best, big smile and had lots of fun ideas too. He is a little ham as well, which always makes my job 10 times easier! Thanks, Brendon!

It was nice to meet this cute little family, and I hope to see them sometime in the future again!

^Such a sweet little family!

^I hear Reagan is a daddy's girl.

^Getting an early start on the walking?

^Look at that smile! I melt!

^You can see by his shoes he wasn't really wanting to sit still! But he did good anyway!

^Isn't she just adorable!?

^Baby in the suitcase ;-)

^Hamming it up!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Avery: 1 year old (Grand Rapids Childrens Photographer)

November 9, 2012

It's not very often that I get to photograph a one-year-old and give them a tasty cupcake on their ACTUAL birthday. In fact, I think Avery is the very first one to give me this priviledge. Angela, her mom, and Avery have been up in Michigan (they live in North Carolina) for a few weeks since Avery's dad, Cody, has been deployed with the Marines. They were friends of mine from back in high school, and I loved getting to see little Avery for the second time this year - she first visited in January for her two month photos. She actually had some smiles for me this time around! Thank you little lady. She was then rewarded with a yummy cupcake to smash!

Avery is getting to the walking business and was a busy bee getting around the studio. She's such a happy little thing, and I hope I get to see her again very soon! Thanks for visiting me, ladies, and congrats on your big birthday, Miss Avery!

^Look at the HAPPY smile!

^She poses too!

^Praticing her standing techniques.

^Love this one!

^Yeah, that's good stuff!

^You're welcome, little lady ;-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Brunelle Family (Grand Rapids Childrens Photographer)

November 11, 2012

We had to try TWICE for this photo session, as the first time around, half of those who were suppose to get their photos taken came down with the flu just before our session! I stayed with Jennie and the crew for the weekend and was lucky not to have caught the bug myself! Well, J'aime, Jennie, lil J'aime, and Jeriann tried again the next weekend to come visit me, and it worked much better. Even though Jeriann was teething and a big cranky, and little J'aime was so distracted with all the fun things to do at the studio, we had lots of fun.

Unfortnately, Debbie and Jerry, and Jolene and family didn't get their photos taken (or at least not many, as they were the hardest hit by the bug), but check out a few of them at the end of the post. Thanks guys, it's always fun to hang with this crew!

^I'm honestly quite surprised ANY of these ones turned out! Silly kids!

^Even though she wasn't feeling her best, brother still makes Jeriann smile!

^Hllo everyone!

^She looks just like her mama!

^J'aime is feeling artistic.

^You can see from his 'innocent' face that this little man is mischevious!

^...and then he chucked it across the room.

^Tried SO hard to get this one to work but little man wasn't having it!

^Little Man was just about to turn TWO! Congrats, big guy!

^From our first session attempt, Jeriann's first Christmas!

^Baby present!

^Mel also wanted to play.

^Jolene and her doggies!

^Mama and Papa Palmer :-)

^The Michigan relatives (the other two sisters and one husband are living in Florida).

^Grandpa with Laurelye and J'aime.
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