Thursday, November 30, 2017

GLAM Sessions: Mrs. K (Grand Rapids Photographer)

September 4, 2017

When the world gives you lemons... we did Mrs K's session on Labor Day, as she was in town, visiting her old stomping grounds from her new home in NYC. She looked me up and wanted to do a GLAM session for her husband's anniversary gift. It wasn't until early November, so I had to wait to share. But today is the day!

Because of the holiday, the building my studio is in wasn't open as it usually is. The lock is SUPER hard to open, and luckily someone else had gotten in before us, but the lock on the studio door picked a lovely day to stop working. We were able to get into the storage room for Mrs K to change, but the studio was out until a rescuer could come. So we spent the first half of our session wandering around the dusty, dirty building, getting some awesome shots.

Worth it? YES! And Mrs K was such a good sport. It paid off for both of us!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Jason & Krystal: A Gorgeous Fall Wedding (Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer)

October 21, 2017

It's been awhile since I've gotten up to Northern Michigan for a wedding. However I knew this one was coming for awhile. Krystal was one of those brides who tells you they HAVE to have you be their photographer, and of course I love brides like that! We did their engagement session way back in August of 2016, so we've been ready for this one for awhile!

The day was stunning, especially for late October in Northern Michigan. It was 70 degrees all day and perfect. The colors were out in full force and generally it was just awesome. Krystal and her girls were getting ready at Caberfae, the guys were in the hotel while the girls dressed up in at the reception hall. We were able to get a ton of great shots beforehand, including lots of family shots. During the ceremony, there were tears and emotions all over the place. Jason and Krystal are a great couple; so in love and it really showed all day long.

Portraits went awesome. The lighting was fabulous, and both of them were great sports when it came to photos and then it was time for the reception... dinner was good. Cake was great. Dancing was awesome (yay for up-lighting!), and there was even a little surprise at the end.

We got out on a high note around here.

Congrats, Jason and Krystal. I wish you both the very best in life and love!

Invitations - LittleSpark Creations
Hair Stylist - Stephanie's Studio 13, St. Helens, MI
Makeup - Miralu Gildernew
Venue - Caberfae Peeks Ski & Golf, Cadillac, MI
Flowers - Tie the Knot Bouquet, Cadillac, MI
DJ - Revolution Entertainment, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Cake - Kingsley Cakes, Kingsley, MI
Photobooth - In a Snap Photo Booth, Mt. Pleasant, MI

^Ahhhh... :)

^In love with this bouquet!

^First look with Dad

^The red dresses were a perfect combo with the fall colors.

^Excited to marry his lady :)

^Awesome backdrop.

^Love this shot.

^So thrilled.

^Love is...

^Chair lift!

^This is where I lost the stuff that was in my pocket (but I had to have the shot!)

^That LIGHT!

^The brightest colors were over on this side of the property :)

^Jason and Krystal met at a memorial for Krystal's best friend's brother, who was one of Jason's military buddies. A sad way to meet but it led to something special.

^Caberfae doesn't disappoint.

^Love it!

^Always love when a place has up-lighting like this (thanks to the DJ for that!)

^I'm pretty good at lighting, myself!

^When the Ginuwine song from Magic Mike comes on...

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