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Zach & Nicole: A Summer Wedding (West Michigan Wedding Photographer)

July 6, 2013

I've been looking forward to Zach and Nicole's wedding for well over a year now. She first contacted me back in 2011 (granted it was at the end of the year but, still! :) and we met up right away. Nicole was so excited to get married. She and Zach had been together for a long time and it was finally time to make it official. I could tell Nicole had a lot of great ideas for her wedding and wanted it to go perfectly!

Finally, her big day arrived. Though the weather never said rain was a likely possibility, boy did it rain! They were holding their wedding on the beach (although luckily it was under a pavilion) and I thought poor Nicole would be so upset. Although I'm sure she was sad the sun didn't come out for photos on the beach, she was as cool as a cucumber. Even when poor Zach got caught in a convertible when the sky opened up, she didn't even flinch. It was all about marrying the love of her life (who had on a smile about a mile wide the whole time!) and it was perfect.

Though the sun didn't come out in Benton Harbor at the beach, we did get a break from the rain at the reception and managed to get lots of great photos of our gorgeous couple and their great bridal party (as well as a few of the awesome classic cars they got to ride from ceremony to reception in!). And the reception was so cool! Nicole went CRAZY on the details and they were so beautiful, plentiful and well done! Kristin and I were VERY impressed! It was wonderful working with Nicole and Zach all this time, and in case this HUGE post isn't enough for you, she'll be back for a quick afterglow session ON THE BEACH to make up for the shots we missed on her wedding day :) Enjoy!

Hair: The Hair Lab Salon, Kalamazoo, MI
Makeup: Allison Bower
Dress Designer: Kathy Ireland Weddings By 2 B
Dress and Tux Shop: Memories Bridal and Evening Wear, Kalamazoo, MI
Flowers: Park Place Floral, Battle Creek, MI
Ceremony: Jean Klock Pavilion, Benton Harbor, MI
Officiant: Rev. Tami Stingley
Classic Cars: Ron and Dee Daniels of Delton
Reception: Eesley Place, Plainwell, MI
Cake: Desserts by Lori, Grand Rapids, MI
Cupcakes: Cupcake Zoo, Otsego, MI
DJ: Tim Morrison

Nicole used both my florist and cake creator for her wedding too! Yay!

^I totally fell in LOVE with this bouquet. Great work, Tracy (from Park Place Floral)!

^Great shot Kristin got Nicole's necklace. Mine totally didn't turn out and hers is tack sharp, my fave ;)

^Kristin got the boys getting ready too. My fave of Zach.


^A VERY beautiful bride!

^The girls were a lot of fun. Loved their style too. Way to go, Nicole.

^The guys were great too. An all-around fun wedding party!

^Well done, fellas!

^Some cute little ladies Nicole babysits for. So cute!

^Suddenly, a downpour!

^And he was in the convertible! Oh no! But he's still happy! Go Zach!

^Ready to get married!

^Here she comes...


^Though it stopped after the ceremony, it started raining again during family photos. No beach photos for us :(

^Love these of Zach and Nicole in one of the classic cars! Time to cruise off to the reception!

^No rain in Plainwell, YAY!!!

^Yay for the happy couple!

^I always love the "cluster" shots. Great work, you guys!

^A little retro effect on this photo. I think it works :)

^One of my faves!

^The Eesley barn, where Nicole set up all her cute rustic decor.

^Such a cool space!

^Her day went pretty good... I think she's pretty happy!

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