Monday, December 30, 2019

Top 100 of 2019

December 31, 2019

The DECADE is ending, you guys! It's not my first new decade in this business but it's definitely a much more exciting one. The last year was a big one and even though I expect 2020 will be even bigger, I can't wait to show you my favorites from the past twelve months. I really waited until the last second on this one but we'll go with it anyway ;)

Onward with the top images of the year. As usual, it was HARD to choose!

100. Gino and Taylor are getting married!

99. Krystal, beautiful mom-to-be

98. Kristin and Ryan's rings

97. Engaged in Plainwell

96. Geese fly in Chicago

95. Bliss together

94. Lyra shapes

93. Carnival with Louis and Hannah

92. Silly siblings

91. Sweetest Birthday

90. Sara and Kevin forever

89. My girls getting ready for Christmas

88. Winter wedding

87. Little sister

86. High rise

85. Jacob laughs

84. Pepper pup

83. Merry-go-round

82. El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Puerto Rico

81. So happy

80. Sweetest kiss

79. Perfect setting

78. Sassy Mama

77. Camron, Class of 2020

76. That look

75. Family friendly

74. The Stahls at Christmas

73. Tricia and Kris in the leaves

72. Walk with me

71. Flower petals

70. Roman's feet

69. On the shore

68. GLAM maternity

67. David & Lisa

66. Hannah, Class of 2020

65. Floral bride

64. Ice storm in early 2019

63. Cows

62. Brightest bouquet (credit to Eastern Floral :)

61. Three GLAM generations

60. Mums

59. Love

58. Boutonniere

57. Wind

56. Lovebirds

55. My sister is getting married!

54. New Hotel Mertens

53. Toast to 30

52. Baby Roman

51. Engaged in Chicago

50. Byron, Class of 2020

49. Sunset engagement

48. The road to your heart

47. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

46. The way I look at you

45. Engagement workshop

44. Miss Amy

43. Julia and Josh, engaged

42. Elegant

41. Thankful

40. Dance with Dad

39. Senior session on the steps

38. GLAM with Mom

37. Michelle Matson, makeup artist

36. Eli and Kali on the beach

35. Anastasia loves Craig

34. Wedding cake (credit to Ryke's Bakery)

33. A little French GLAM

32. Wildflowers

31. First dance

30. Breezy

29. So happy together

28. Kiss on the cheek

27. Diamond

26. Kenny & Megan

25. Baby on board

24. Sisters

23. Dance, dance

22. Ferris Wheel

21. Official!

20. On Lake Michigan

19. Sam & Mike

18. Molly & Kyle

17. Flower walk

16. Laura & Dylan

15. Quaint

14. Kiss from Joey

13. Belly laughs

12. Pretty in pink

11. Invited

You've reached the TOP 10!!!

10. Toni & Miria's first dance using off camera flash just hit the perfect spot at the Bay Pointe Inn

9. The mix of backlit sunset light, wheat grass (or whatever it's called!), and a slip on my white balance made for some of my favorite shots of the whole day

8. Styled shoots always offer some more interesting shots but when I work with Amber, I know I'm sure to get a few amazing ones

7.Winter weddings are few and far between so when we can get some real emotion in with a little bit of snow, it just works.

6. These two were fun to work with. Not too serious and definitely adorable, this look between Caleb & Brittany at the end of our session won the day!

5. Beautiful black and white shot of Laura adjusting her earrings after first putting on her gorgeous bridal attire. The dreamy look on her face paired with the monotone really feels timeless.

4. One of my last shoots of the year, Sophia's session with her homecoming dress was kind of an afterthought but this images certainly was amazing!

3. We just drove by this derelict house, and I KNEW I had to go back to take photos. I convinced the family to take just a few minutes. Result: one of my favorite images of the year. I also enlarged this one and put it on my bedroom wall, so yeah...

2. I knew when I shot this one of Kenny and Megan that it was going to be one of the favorites of the year. The sunset was absolutely stunning and that dress was fabulous even without the late. All the white, the spin... can't beat it. Except for...

1. I did this wedding all by myself. I'm always a little nervous to do it, but sometimes I find I do my best work when all the pressure is on me. During Dylan and Laura's bridal portraits, Laura chose to bring along her cathedral veil. Just for photos is fine with me. I was able to hold onto it while the two of them held onto one another and the results are my favorite image of 2019!!!

Expect BIG things for 2020. Happy New Year!!!
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