Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marty & Kayla: Engaged! (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

April 15, 2017

First of all, I felt bad about having to reschedule Marty and Kayla's engagement photos. We had a date all picked out but something came up. We had a hard enough time scheduling it the first time so trying to do it again... tricky! I was a little worried the weather wouldn't be too great in mid April, but man, what a beautiful day it was! I met them first at Provin Trails, which is a great location (I love the lines of pine trees) but I just wasn't feeling it.

Our next stop was at my studio. We couldn't go INTO the studio as it's always booked up on a Saturday afternoon. But the outside... yup, the absolute perfect spot to finish this session. It was great getting to know Marty, Kayla and Kaleb, who was a riot. Their wedding is going to be great; I'm definitely looking forward to it after finally getting to meet them!

Time to share another new session!

^Already an adorable little family!

^The cross says Haiti. :)

^Love these two shots.


^Kaleb is silly. He was fun to have around for the session!

^Making use of the building's interesting color.

^Ahhh moody!

^Kaleb really wanted to ride the freight elevator.

^We're getting adventurous soon.

^It wasn't that easy getting to the spots from the shots above but oh so worth it.


^You guys are awesome. Can't wait for the wedding!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blake: Turning 2 (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

April 8, 2017

Kids are cute. Everyone knows that. Two-year-old toddlers are a challenge. I know this because I have a little spitfire daughter of my own who turned 2 this year. So busy, so emotional. She's quite the trip! Thankfully, Blake was a breath of fresh air for me. He just turned 2 himself, but he was much more chill and so much easier to work with than my crazy girl! Though he wasn't thrilled with me, his mom and his dad putting him in places an expecting him to sit still and smile, he put up with it for about an hour and we got some great shots anyway.

Another fun element to our session was Zoey. She's been around longer than Blake, and as Nicole let me know, she is great with him, but doesn't want to have to be TOO close. She still sat nicely and "smiled" both with and without Blake and the family. Otherwise she just ran around the studio and enjoyed herself.

I met Blake, Nicole and Brandon last year and it was so great to see them all again. Hopefully when he's 3, we can bribe a few extra smiles out of him!

^Love this "outtake" of Zoey being concerned at whether or not Blake was going to pet her... haha!

^Apparently, Blake is very good at and loves the alphabet. "B" for Blake!

^It's always good to have a good reader!

^Love this one. If only Blake would have SMILED!

^Another good family shot. A bit closer to a smile from Blake.


^Blake's red panda, Meemaw, was helpful during our shoot :)

^I've gotta get one of Mom and Dad, of course!

^He looks like quite the dashing young fellow here, with his hair slightly mussed up.

^Can't forget Zoey.

^Finally! A smile for a family photo!
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