Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Jade: Sweet, Sweet GLAM (Grand Rapids Portrait Photographer)

September 15, 2019

I got to stretch my creative muscles a little bit within the last month, Two GLAM sessions with two awesome women. How lucky can I get? One of the sessions you'll have to wait a little longer to see, but this "sweet" session with my ELITE member, Jade, is ready to show off. It was lots of fun and definitely tasty! Michelle at About Face of Grand Rapids prepped Jade and made her extra fabulous for her shoot at Le Bon Macaron, an adorable little shop on Cherry Street in Grand Rapids. It was the perfect location for our French-inspired shoot!

After a few location shots of the shop and their tasty delights, Jade was ready for her closeup. She rocked it, of course, as I expected no less. The gorgeous dress she chose went perfectly with the little French pastries, and I would have to say the shoot was a sassy success!

Bonus - we both got to take home one of the fruity drinks and a half dozen macrons. Worth it.

^A selection of their finest "pink" flavors! Delicious.

^Sexy sip!

^She's a beauty!

^A friend wandered by! Meet Bokeh (he was well trained at posing for photos!)

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Louis & Hannah: Engaged! (West Michigan Wedding Photographer)

August 22, 2019

I've been holding onto this one for a little while, but it seems like a long time because it was such a fun session! Hannah and Louis told me they wanted to do something a little more unconventional for their engagement session and later suggested we spend some time at the Hudsonville Fair. Perfect! Themed sessions can be so much fun, and this idea kind of inspired me to be more focused on more of a story in my future engagement sessions. But back to the happy couple!

Hannah's two sisters both had me as their photographer for their weddings, so I've known her for quite awhile. I was thrilled when she and Louis decided on me for their photographer as well. We met (along with Hannah's younger sister, Emily) at the fair and started at the livestock barns. Louis's parents were there with their goats and helped us pick out a good one for photos. I know it was a good one because both Hannah and Louis got goat kisses right on camera.

We went on a few rides (carousel, mirror funhouse) and played a few games (balloon pop, pick-a-duck) and generally just had lots of fun wandering around the midway. Despite my flash units being a bit testy about things, we made the most of it and I LOVE this session! Next up, their wedding next August. Can't wait!


^Kissing on the carousel is NOT easy!

^No color correction possible here ;)

^Time for some sweets!

^Winner, winner!

^"Shall we get a funnel cake, darling?"

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