Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Duke & Monica: Married!

May 14, 2011

Winter is TOO long. I just couldn't wait to get back to wedding season. My first big wedding of the year, and my first EVER in May (weird, right?) was a few weeks back. Monica and Duke were married in his parents' backyard. They have a beautiful pond surrounded by woods which was full of great photo opportunities. We were very worried that the rain was going to prevent us from getting it done, what a dreary day it started out to be. But although we never saw the sun, the rain held off long enough to get our photos taken and the bridal party off to the reception.

Monica looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. And I loved the color combination she chose. Chocolate browns with oranges were just gorgeous, I never would have thought! Her bouquet was beautiful and she was just radiant. You can tell how much I loved to photograph her when you see the amount of photos I took of just her.

There were quite a few familiar faces at the reception, as the wedding was held just one town over from where I grew up. Although photographing prevented me from talking to too many people, it was nice to see the amazing turn out for the reception. They had the hall just packed! Looks like Duke and Monica know how to throw a party!

I was excited to give Monica her images personally this Saturday when she, her mom, and  her sister, Ashley, came to see me for Ashley's maternity photos. More on those later in the week, but in the meantime, congratulations to Duke and Monica!!!

^Duke & Monica's mothers getting the unity sand ceremony started.

^I absolutely LOVE this shot. So much depth!

^Another of my favorites. Monica's flowers were gorgeous.

^Duke's face in this one is awesome. He doesn't like his photo taken but he was trying to be a good sport!

^Using the wind to our advantage.

^Look at this girl! OMG :-)

^I think my assistant, Kristin, took this one. Loved this little set up.

^It's great to get such perfect expressions when they finally get to see each other!

^I guess they had an engagement photo done by this tire swing, so we were sure to get them there on the big day!

^Haha, a great favor!

^These two were some of the best child attendants I've ever seen! Good job, kids!

^There were too many cute kids to photograph at the reception. Here's a great one Kristin took.

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