Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ellie & Simon: Growing Cuties (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

May 24, 2019

The past few years has seen me doing a lot fewer kid photos. I have two of my own and a lot of my business has been heading to photographing adults as a rule over the younger generations, but every once and awhile, some cutie pies come in and give me a fix (other than my own little ladies, of course!).

Enter Ellie and Simon. Two little ones I've known since they were days old. My amazing friend, Angie, and I were roommates our freshman year of college, were in each other's weddings, and had kids at the same time (twice!), so of course we have to get her Ellie and Simon in the studio on occasion. It was time for a photo update so we met up to play for a bit!

Ellie is 4 (and a half!) and full into the stage of the very fake smile. She tries hard but it's definitely forced. We had to work really hard to get some genuine grins, but we did it! And then there's her little brother, Simon, who has a few hilarious faces of his own! Luckily, he's still working a real smile, for now!

My girls were at the studio, too, so we had lots of fun playing during photos. I'm glad we got some adorable ones of them all together too (at the end). Until next time, you adorable kiddos!

^Say "fuzzy pickles"!

^Boy in a bucket! :D

^Sister smooches.

^Simon's face on the right... haha!!!

Let's add Laina and Julie in for a second, too!

^Precious goofballs.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Amy: Vintage GLAM (Grand Rapids Portrait Photographer)

May 17, 2019

My talented friend, Amy, doesn't love having her photograph taken. A lot of women don't. I don't understand it and it makes me sad. We, as women, wear many hats and work pretty damn hard to accomplish the things that we do. For that reason, we deserve to see in ourselves what other people see in us, too. That's what GLAM is all about. Making the inner beauty show to the world, but more importantly, to ourselves.

Amy throws herself full force into every project she takes on. She works hard. And this last year has been a rough one for her, but she's pushing through it. I was thrilled when she wanted to take a little time for herself and trusted me to bring out the "inner Amy" in her GLAM session. Not to mention, this dress she found was too perfect. And the gloves. And the purse. And the pearls... its' ALL perfect and the images totally show you a side of Amy you don't see everyday (though those of us who know her know it is there all the time!).

If you've even just considered doing one of these sessions, please go for it. They are so much fun, and so uplifting! You DESERVE it, girl!

^One of our first shots and one of my favorites.

^She's got the look!

^You rocked it, Amy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Patricia: Aerial Fitness (Grand Rapids Portrait Photographer)

April 6, 2019

Last year, something new came to the studio I rent here in Grand Rapids. Zeal Aerial Fitness does work with lyra (hoop), silks, and pole. It's amazing what these women can do! I knew when I attended their grand opening celebration last October that this would be something exciting and different to photograph. Patricia was one of the performers at the grand opening and I was thrilled when Zeal's owner, Christina, asked me to photograph her before she headed off on an adventure far away from Grand Rapids.

Patricia kindly told me a bit about her journey with aerials thus far. See what she had to say and then check out the beautiful things she can do!

"I started pole in October 2017 and found a new fitness love in how it made me feel. I’ve had my share of body image issues, and the typical fitness classes I tried seemed very focused on what was wrong with my body. Pole made me see my body in a whole new light - strong, capable, graceful, even. Summer 2018 I started learning hoop and silks and found they also make me feel strong and more confident about myself. I hope to continue trying more aerials in the future and to continue loving my body."

Patricia, you are phenomenal! 

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