Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Skylar & Alyssa: Engaged (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

September 16, 2012

What is better than one engagement session on a gorgeous day in an awesome location? TWO! Timing and weather came together perfectly when Skylar and Alyssa met me for their session. I met Skylar a few years back, he was the best man at my cousin Ryan's wedding. Ryan's wife and my eternal cheerleader, Jessica, made sure to let Alyssa know about me when she and Skylar got engaged this summer. I'm so excited to get to work with them. They are super cute, fun, and up for anything. Way to be, you guys!

They drove all the way to GR from the east side of the state where they live (and will be getting married) so I made sure to find them some awesome locations. We stayed at B Thome Orchard for the first half of the session, for a little country feel, and then headed to downtown Grand Rapids for the city side (country boy, city girl, love it!). Alyssa wanted a fountain, so we made sure to swing by the GVSU downtown campus for a couple cool shots there, and then found a way into the garden hidden behind the building! I've been wanting to get in there for years! Thanks for helping out, you two!

Skylar and Alyssa will be married at the end of next August, so you'll see their smiling faces again in no time. For now, enjoy their awesome engagement session!

^Don't you just LOVE farm country?!

^One of my favorite spots on the farm!

^It was a bad season for Michigan apples, but Kristin Huyck found us a few spots that had a bunch!

^Barn and truck, the only place we used twice that day!

^So cute!

^Alyssa loved the water wall at the GRAM. Me too!

^There's still a little country, even in the city! Love this shot.

^Golden hour fountain shot :-)

^Took a similar shot of Skylar's cousin, Ryan, and his fiance over three years ago :-)

^Nothing like an awesome shadow to end your session!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wes & Carrie: Engaged (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

September 16, 2012

Can't even tell you how excited I am for next year... yes, already! I have some AWESOME couples coming up (you've already met a few of them!) and it's time for you to meet another one. I first met Carrie at her sister Emily's wedding last year (one of my faves!) where she was maid of honor. And next August, it's her turn to tie the knot with Wes. They are an awesome, friendly, and fun couple and we had a blast wandering around the Gaslight Village in Grand Rapids before heading to the B Thome Orchard (thanks as always, Kristin!) for a few photos out "in the country". It was a perfect day for photos all around, and you'll see there are quite a few good ones to take a look at. Can't wait for their wedding!!!

We are also planning a winter session for the two of them, so you'll see them again soon, but for now... enjoy their summer/fall session!

^Our meeting place just happens to be where they had one of their first dates!

^You  know it!

^We did the Titanic scene just before this... :-)

^Reeds Lake.

^A little dock trespassing never hurt anyone!

^Ice cream before part 2 of the session? Yes please!!!

^No superman ice cream, please... we have to have normal colored mouths for the rest of the session ;-)

^Yes, he did!

^They are just so cute!

^Love it!

^Yay, sunflowers!

^Love it when the wind cooperates!

^Save the Date, please!


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