Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: A Tradition

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

This one has been around for ages, and in all the years I've been photographing weddings, almost all brides still try to uphold this tradition. Let's get into a few creative ideas that you can use to hold on to this tradition, but with style.

Of course, "new" is the easiest. Just about everything you have for the wedding can fit into this category. When you want to get into the "old" category, you can still go very simple. But here are a few interesting things to consider. Many girls have jewelry passed down from their mother or grandmother. Instead of purchasing a whole new set of jewelry, talk to the older women in the family. Almost always you can find someone willing to donate to you a beautiful vintage piece that will go with your style. Another great option for this if you would like to get your jewelry new or to match your maids, try an old brooch or hairclip from your grandmother or other family member as an addition to your updo or as an accent piece on your dress. It's a new take on the tradition that keeps to the old without being boring.

As for "borrowed", I like the idea of borrowing a piece from a friend or family member with a special story. A necklace is perfect, and instead of wearing it, you can have it worked in or wrapped around the stem of your bouquet. A family heirloom hankerchief is another thought, and although it's also old, borrow it from the owner, and perhaps it will someday be yours to pass down. With these items somewhere within your bouquet, you can hold that special someone or story with you throughout the day.

Then there is "blue." Many brides today go with the blue garter, as often when their color is not blue, they don't want it to go against the color scheme. And everyone knows that the garter doesn't make an appearance until the end of the evening. But to switch it up, try using a blue jeweled necklace (a big, fancy sapphire just screams classy), or even better, some stylish blue heels, that no one will see, unless you want them to!

Get creative with your ideas! Find something perfect that matches your style but incorporates all the special parts of your day; friends, family, heritage, whatever helps to make this old tradition your very own.

Photo credits... the top image is of Shannon Considine's dress from her wedding last October, the image of the bouquet and cross is of Monica Zelt from just this past May, and the shoes belong to Claire Grimm, who was married just over a year ago in the beginning of June. Thanks ladies!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

John & Erica: An Ypsilanti Wedding

June 18, 2011

It was a great time getting to work with Abby Matthews of Abby Fox Photography on this wedding over in Ypsilanti. She had me along as second shooter (I'm doing that a lot these days!) and it was great to work together and catch up. Abby went to GVSU with me, we had a few classes together, and it's always great to see a colleague doing an amazing job in the wedding business. It was a beautiful day at the Polo Fields Golf Course, which was full of beautiful backdrops (and a personal fave of mine, willow trees!). We had tons of great photo opportunities, even if we did walk in front of a few golfers, oops!

John and Erica were married in the afternoon and the party got started after fun round of portraits on the course, which we reached via golf cart... fun! The guys in the wedding party were very amusing to work with, and you will also see below how much I LOVED the flowers. Beautiful gladiolas for the reception centerpieces, and the bouquets were just full of vibrant color, my favorite! The party got started right away, and even though Abby and I didn't get back to Grand Rapids until almost midnight, it was actually a very fun day. Enjoy the photos below.

^Pretty in pink... love the glads!

^Absolutely in love with Erica's bouquet.

^Our beautiful bride.

^I really love this one!

^Abby snaps one of the kids before the ceremony.

^Crazy groomsmen. Love it.

^There's nothing like a field of tall grass to make a photographer swoon!

^Secong wedding in a row with tons of fun dancing. It's been a good year!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Joe & Kim: An MSU Wedding

June 11, 2011

It's really is a small world. I belong to a forum of Michigan photographers on Facebook, where people ask questions, look for referrals for dates they have booked, and ask for second shooters. I was chosen to work with Lewis of Lewis Hizer Photography on a wedding in Lansing, at the MSU Botanical Gardens. We chatted a little about the couple on the way, and I even talked to the groom on the phone a bit when got a little turned around on our way to the hotel, but it wasn't until I started photographing the girls getting ready that I got a big surprise.

Turns out, Joe, the groom, is from Harrison! He didn't recognize me, as he was a senior when I was a freshman in high school, but his brother, Marion, and Marion's wife, Mary, and a few of the guests did, as Harrison is a pretty small town and it's pretty hard not to know most everyone if they are close to your age. It was crazy, made me ten times more comfortable, and even got a chance to catch up with a few old friends from the HHS class of 2003.

Lewis is a great photographer, his posing is fabulous, and because of it, I got some AMAZING images, too many of which I'll share with you below. Joe and Kim were great to work with, all about getting the photos taken, and their son, Kaleb, is a little doll! Thanks to Lewis, Joe and Kim for letting me be a part of your special day!
^Little Kaleb loves his picture taken. Awesome!

^Roses for Kim, from Joe, that I delivered to the room when I went to meet the girls. 

^Gorgeous! Love the vignette my 200mm zoom gets me!

^Aren't they great? A perfect dip.

^I hear that most Spartan fans and former students that get married nearby stop by Sparty to get their photo with him.

^Love the tent decorations.

^This spot was just perfect, and just a short walk from the tent.

^I recognized this family from home :-)

^Time for more awesome bride and groom portraits!

^This English garden with the reflecting pool was a great place to work.

^Haha, so cute!!!

^Time for some party pix! I really need to contact Kim and find out who her DJ was, he was the best I've ever seen! This was a great reception!

^It was good to see you, Mary and Marion!

^Golden hour, looks like late August instead of early June! Amazing what light can do...

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