Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 100 of 2016

December 28, 2016

It's always hard to choose my favorites, though some images always stick out more to me than others. Tricky as always but always a lot of fun to review everything. Take a look and see if YOUR session made the cut! If not, as usual, don't feel bad, I had almost 300 images chosen as faves when I started this whole thing!

Do YOU agree with my #1?!? Which would YOU have chosen.

100. Little Julie running through the greenhouse.

99. Mack opening a Christmas gift.

98. The Mokma sisters.

97. The Lockwood kids enjoying a day in Rockford.

96. Holy yellow flowers!

95. The perfect little subject.

94. Tory and Krysten's "Owl Always Love You" cake.

93. Jules camping out.

92. Pretty little Josie.

91. Hanging the dress from the chandelier.

90. Ring bearer is amazed.

89. Johnna feeling dreamy.

88. Flora in the Caribbean.

87. Cheers to Chris and Amber!

86. Adorable Titan.

85. A perfect family photo.

84. Loving that map with the Millers.

83. Getting married in October next year!

82. Little Kaci is pretty in pink.

81. Mike and Autumn kiss in front of the waterfall.

80. Sally preps for her big moment.

79. Lovely Ellie in the garden.

78. Styled shoot... lovely!

77. A little whiskey on your wedding day.

76. Kaci and her cake.

75. Fall with the Archambaults.

74. Love in a brewery.

73. Big CHEESE!

72. My former couples are the best!

71. Elliott in front of the lens.

70. Willow and the Murray family.

69. A big kiss for Krystal and Jason.

68. Emily, the little lamb.

67. Alex and Stephanie's awesome wedding party.

66. Engaged!

65. Married in paradise... Sint Maarten.

64. That dress.

63. Gorgeous blooms.

62. Random pretties on a baby date.

61.Styled perfectly.

60. Beautiful Kelsey.

59. Lovely light.

58. Getting chilly.

57. Michael and Jessie are getting married.

56. Tulips are beautiful.

55. Nick and Kelsey's gorgeous dessert table.

54. Under the willows.

53. Jami's ring.

52. Back to where they started!

51. A beautiful bouquet.

50. A little music at Skip and Carla's wedding.

49. A quick "first-look" kiss.

48. Getting warmer.

47. Sally in the flowers in Sint Maarten.

46. Chris is so excited to marry Amber.

45. Singing with Dad.

44. Jami and Josh on the riverbank.

43. Baby Josie.

42. Mama and her boy.

41. Amber marries Chris.

40. Kelly and Richie are ready to meet their little one.

39. Engaged (and under a willow tree)!

38. First look.

37. The girls before Sally's wedding.

36. Kisses in the trees.

35. Dramatic.

34. So happy.

33. Sint Maarten at sunset.

32. Little details.

31. Beautiful day at the orchard.

30. Goose in the river.

29. A perfect place to get married.

28. Springtime engagement.

27. The end of the night.

26. Nick and Kelsey.

25. A beautiful bouquet.

24. Barefoot bride.

23. Dress at the gardens.

22. Mike and his groomsmen.

21. Putting on her shoes.

20. Styled in red.

19. Get in the river? Why not?

18. Ready for the wedding.

17. Adorable siblings.

16. Love is beauty.

15. Bouquet at the lake.

14. Ready for the wedding.

13. Lavender.

12. You are mine.

11. Love on the rocks.

10. Sunset.

9. First dance.

8. Worth it.

7. It's all in the details.

6. Forehead kiss. The sweetest.

5. Happy family.

4. So alive.

3. Pop of color.

2. Wedding in the woods.

1. That dress!!!

I hope you enjoyed this year's top 100! Looking forward to 2017 and all that it has to offer, already! I wish you all a WONDERFUL new year!
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