Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2017

The last few years, I've had my friends and their kids come to the studio to take costume photos with our babies. Well we DOUBLED our numbers from last year, from four to EIGHT. It was a warm day in the studio and we had a few incidents, but they all look adorable so I wanted to show just a couple cute shots. Happy Halloween!

^Baby Moana!

^Sailor Mini Moon (Chibiusa)

^A monkey and her banana brother ;)

^Monkeys jumping on the bed ;)

^Woody and Andy! (Dad's name is actually Andy)


^Wonder Woman!

^Sailor Moon.

^My friends and our babies!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Elaina Jae: 9 Months Old (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

October 25, 2017

My daughter, Elaina, is already nine months old. That doesn't even seem possible but it is! Little Lu doesn't look as much like her big sister as I expected her to, but it's okay. She's sweet and cute and precious in her own ways. One of which is getting up WAY too early in the morning. But luckily she is sweet and cute and precious... ha! She has FOUR teeth, can crawl as fast as the wind, prefers to be held or at least to do what she wants, loves just about any kind of baby food (as well as her bottles), and is generally so much fun to have in our lives. Big sister, Julie, loves her a ton, even if she is NOT a fan of sharing with her, now that she's interested in toys!

^She's a very fashionable young lady.

^Pucker up!

^So fancy.

^Happy Lu is the best Lu.

^I think this pucker face she makes is because of her front teeth having just come in.


^Luxurious Lu!

^This outfit was supposed to be Julie's for Christmas, but it was too small when we put it on her. Recycle!


^Laina is an up close and personal kind of girl!

^I had to get a couple more Halloween costume photos in (so Julie is back!)

^Sassy Sailor Moon super heroes!

^I love you, my Lu!
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