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Evergreen & Champagne: A Bridal Styled Shoot (West Michigan Wedding PHotog

 March 12, 2021

Creating is such an enjoyable experience. Finding reasons to create isn't a hard task. But actually taking your ideas and reasons and making them into a reality is another story. Luckily, every once and awhile, something comes together so quickly and efficiently that you are left in its wake thing "Damn, I'm impressed!" I can definitely say that this shoot was one of those experiences!

My friend and muse, Amber, came back from her recent stint of living and working in Hawaii. While we were chatting about getting together to catch up, we got on the subject of shooting together. Since she's not in town a lot these days, it's kind of a thing for the two of us now - Amber comes to town, we do photos. But we've done so many projects together at this point that I figured I would need to come up with something different for her. There has been an idea floating around in my head for awhile about evergreens and pinecones and generally wintery things, so after we were chatting, I thought a quick styled wedding shoot would be different for the two of us.

Once you get an idea and run with it, it often takes off in another direction. That's exactly what happened with this shoot. Amber was in, and while my original idea started with snow and pinecones, it morphed into something quite different and much more perfect. And a good thing too, since all our snow melted about two weeks ago! So I contacted a few local vendors (Baker Events in Holland, Alyssa with Fleurology Design among others) that I knew could help me bring my vision to life, added a dog into the mix and the results are what you see here!

I'm so excited to share these images. Putting everything together on the day of the shoot was a bit nerve wracking at first (details aren't typically my strong suit and I like having someone else there to help me see what I'm missing), but everything came together just right and I couldn't be happier. And of course, Amber was fab and Rowley was a great added bonus too!

Enjoy our quick little styled shoot!

Styling/Photography - Jenna Rose Photography
Venue - The Loft at Baker Events, Holland, Michigan
Model - Amber Lansdale
Dress - The Nylon Swish
Hair/Makeup - Jenna, About Face of Grand Rapids
Invitation - Kristin Sibary
Floral/Greenery Design - Alyssa, Fleurology Design
Cake - It's Personal by Sweet Cakes

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